Deontay Wilder Uncovers He’s From Nigeria (Video)

Deontay wilder

Former World Boxing Champion, Deontay Wilder has revealed that his DNA family line shows he is from Nigeria.

In a viral video, Wilder opened up about following his foundations to Edo state, in the south-south piece of the country.

“I need to return and study my way of life and culture with things about me,” the Bronze Bomber said.

The US-based proficient fighter who has never been to Nigeria, said he needs to get back to Edo state to get familiar with somewhat more about his foundations.

He said; “Whenever I’m finished with what I’m doing, I’m returning to see my clan Edo.

Deontay wilder

“I need to see my way of life and my progenitors and get familiar with a great deal of things. We as a whole have bunches of things that we are associated with that we know nothing about. I’ll very much want to go there and do investigate about my foundations and my clan”.

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The boxing maestro delighted in a 5-year rule as the WBC heavyweight champion somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2020. He lost his tie in a session with Tyson Fury in February, 2020.

Subsequent to enduring his first expert loss in a seven round session with Fury last February, the previous WBC champion will in July look to recover his title as he takes on Fury for the third time.

The battle is charged to be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Nevada on July 24 and the champ would challenge Anthony Joshua.

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